Give The People What They Want!

Give The People What They Want!

We’ve got exactly what you want: Breakfast & Lunch ALL DAY!  And by popular demand: DINNER!

Give The People What They Want!
We've got exactly what you want: Breakfast & Lunch ALL DAY!
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Breakfast All Day
From Breakfast Burritos to Burgers, have it your way every day.
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About Antique At 112

Antique at 112 is Antique Bar & Bakery’s newest single; a sort of “micro-diner” operating on the philosophy of “give the people what they want”, dishes infused with our memories – but imagine those memories as louder, bolder, and irresistibly MORE. Think of every comfort food you’ve cherished from burgers, to “sangwiches”, to original Hoboken-styled hot dogs, and then envision the classics supercharged, challenging boundaries of taste. And now imagine you can have them every day for breakfast and lunch all day with gluten and dairy-free substitutes if your gut health demands it. It’s what you want, how you want it, and you can feel good about the indulgence. As far as vibe and design, picture this: the warmth of your grandmother’s kitchen, fused with the edgy narratives of a pulp fiction novel snuggled into the confines of cozy cool. Antique at 112 is that audacious offspring – born to create, born to satisfy, and born to tantalize your senses in ways you’ve only imagined. 

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Besides a rocking menu, our soundtrack to your day is second to none!

Hoboken's first "micro-diner" created by Antique Bar & Bakery. Open seven days a week for dine-in, pick up & delivery from 9am-8pm. Brunch on Sat/ Sun.

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